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Recommended Reading

The Books

Extra Credit

The Books

  • What Do You Really Want? How to Set a Goal and Go for It!

    by Beverly K. Bachel
    A Guide for Teens

  • Rhythms of Life

    by William Bailley

  • From Panic to Power

    by Lucinda Bassett
    Proven Techniques to Calm Your Anxieties, Conquer Your Fears, and Put You in Control of Your Life

  • What Are Your Goals

    by Gary Ryan BlairPowerful Questions to Discover What You Want Out of Life

  • Goal Setting 101: How to Set and Achieve a Goal!

    by Gary Ryan Blair

  • The One Minute Manager

    by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

  • Putting The One Minute Manager to Work

    by Kenneth Blanchard and Robert Lorber

  • Raving Fans

    by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles
    A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service

  • Don't Just Do Something, Sit There

    by Sylvia Boorstein

  • Life Is an Attitude

    by Elwood N. Chapman
    Staying Positive When the World Seems Against You

  • Don't Set Goals (The Old Way)

    by Wade Cook

  • The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

    by Stephen R. Covey

  • Goal Set Your Way to Achieving Your Dreams

    by Mark D. Csordos
    A Practical Guide to Goal Setting

  • How Now

    by Raphael Cushnir
    100 Ways to Celebrate the Present Moment

  • A Guide to Getting It

    by Laura Davis, et al.
    Self Esteem

  • The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook

    by Martha Davis, Matthew, Ph.D. McKay, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman

  • Managing for Results

    by Peter Drucker

  • Getting in the Gap

    by Wayne W. Dyer
    Making Conscious Contact with God Through Meditation

  • Real Magic

    by Wayne Dyer

  • The Magic Lamp

    by Keith Ellis
    Goal Setting for People Who Hate Setting Goals

  • Customer Service 101

    by Renee Evenson
    Basic Lessons to Be Your Best

  • Living Your Best Life

    by Laura Berman Fortgang

  • Twelve Ways to Develop a Positive Attitude

    by Galloway

  • Super Service

    by Jeff Gee, Val Gee
    Seven Keys to Delivering Great Customer Service...Even When You Don't Feel Like It!...Even When They Don't Deserve It!

  • Learn to Relax

    by Mike George
    A Practical Guide to Easing Tension and Conquering Stress

  • The E-Myth Contractor

    by Michael Gerber

  • The E-Myth Manager

    by Michael Gerber

  • E-Myth Mastery

    by Michael E. Gerber

  • The Importance of Being Lazy

    by Al Gini
    In Praise of Play, Leisure, and Vacations.

  • The Little Red Book of Selling

    by Jeffrey Gitomer

  • Permission Marketing

    by Seth Godin
    Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers

  • Purple Cow

    by Seth Godin
    Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

  • Business Process Improvement Workbook

    by H. James Harrington, et al.

  • Habits of the Mind

    by Archibald Hart

  • Growing a Business

    by Paul Hawken

  • Power vs. Force

    by David R. Hawkins
    The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

  • Best Practices in Customer Service

    by Ron Zemke and John A. Woods

  • Perfecting Ourselves

    by Aaron Hoopes
    Coordinating Body, Mind and Spirit

  • Concentration!

    by Sam Horn and Michael Crisp
    How to Focus For Success

  • Grow Something Besides Old

    by Laurie Beth Jones

  • The Path

    by Laurie Beth Jones

  • Strategic Planning for Success

    by Roger Kaufman, et al
    Aligning People, Performance, and Payoffs

  • Open Mind, Open Heart

    by Thomas Keating
    The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel

  • Carolyn 101

    by Carolyn Kepcher.

  • Building Your Business, Leading Your Business, Protecting Your Business

    by Loral Langemeier (CD set)

  • Creating a Life Worth Living

    by Carol Lloyd

  • Silence & Stillness in Every Season

    by John Main, et al.
    Daily Readings With John Main

  • Why Not?

    by Barry J. Nalebuff, Ian Ayres
    How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big and Small

  • 30 Days to an Ultra-Positive Attitude

    by Tommy Newberry

  • Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now

    by Joel Osteen

  • Your Best Life Now

    by Joel Osteen

  • Stop Whining and Start Winning

    by Frank Pacetta, Roger Gittines
    Recharging People, Re-Igniting Passion, and Pumping Up Profits

  • God Help Me! This Stress Is Driving Me Crazy

    by Gregory Popcak

  • Take Time for Your Life

    by Cheryl Richardson

  • The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

    by Al Ries

  • Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun

    by Wess Roberts
    -- Sometimes the analogies are a stretch, but there's some good advice here. A bit cynical.

  • YOU: The Owner's Manual

    by Michael F. Roizen et al.

  • Happy Yoga

    by Steve Ross
    7 Reasons Why There's Nothing to Worry About

  • In Search of Values

    by Dr. Sidney B. Simon

  • Break Through the Noise

    by Elisa Southard

  • The Spirit of Leadership

    by Fr. Robert J. Spitzer
    Optimizing Creativity and Change in Organizations

  • The Ultimate Gift

    by Jim Stovall

  • Brian Tracy's 21 Secrets to Success

    by Brian Tracy

  • The Power of Clarity

    by Brian Tracy

  • The Psychology of Achievement

    by Brian Tracy

  • Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude

    by W. Clement Stone

  • Maximum Success

    by James Waldroop Ph.D., Timothy Butler Ph.D.
    Changing the 12 Behavior Patterns That Keep You From Getting Ahead

  • Self-Directed Behavior: Self-Modification for Personal Adjustment

    by David L. Watson, Roland G. Tharp

  • Instant Calm

    by Paul Wilson
    Over 100 Easy-To-Use Techniques for Relaxing Mind and Body

  • Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life

    by Larry Winget
    A Kick-Butt Approach to a Better Life

  • Making Peace With Your Past

    by H. Norman Wright

  • From Sabotage to Success

    by Sheri O. Zampelli
    How to Overcome Self-Defeating Behavior and Reach Your True Potential

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