Making Lemonade is a Lifestyle Choice

“Stuff” happens in life. You can make yourself miserable and dive into the well of dispair, or you can pick up the lemons and start making lemonade.


I received this in a recent email from Brian Tracy: Calvin Coolidge, a president who was so reluctant to speak in public that he was given the nickname of “Silent Cal,” will go down in history for his simple but memorable words on success. He wrote, “Press on. Nothing in the world can take the […]

Set Yourself Up For Feedback Success

Set Yourself Up For Success When It Comes to Feedback   Feedback without A Clear Personal Mission is Just Criticism   by Karl W. Palachuk I’m not sure how “accepting feedback from others” became a trait that our society values and encourages. Most of us have some very negative feelings around feedback. Even when we […]

The First Habit of Success

Goal-Setting Part 2 I talked Last Time about developing a goal-setting strategy that you can maintain for the rest of your life. Before you can do anything else on the path to success, you need to develop a habit of daily quiet time. It is literally the the first habit of success. It is first […]

Retreat Report

I mentioned my annual retreat in my newsletter. Got several emails asking more about my annual retreat. So here’s the goods. First, read this article: Introduction to Retreats = —– My annual retreat takes place at the local Passionist Retreat Center near Sacramento, CA. We gather on Friday, catch up with people we haven’t […]

Finding Your Business Voice

Did you ever take a class in literature? One of the things you learn about authors is that they need to go through a process of maturing and becoming the author we know and love. So, their early work is often very different from their later work. Their early work is a little forced. It’s […]

The Last Yard

Here’s a reflection about the last 1%. I’ve been working on several projects that culminate in the next few weeks. I’ve written a new book and released it for purchase yesterday. I have a webinar today and another in two days. I have a seminar for it in three days. I have sales goals for […]

I don’t mean to be rude . . . but Shut Up!

One of the best things you can do, in many area of your life, is to be silent and take in the world. Here are three quick thoughts. First, we all hear the advice over and over: You have two ears and one mouth, so you should do twice as much listening as talking. True […]

Building Success Through Your Personal “Big Mac” Index

You may have heard of the “Big Mac” index.  It’s a tool to help understand standards of living in other countries.  Since most people don’t know or care about Gross Domestic Product or monetary exchange rates. The Big Mac index (BMI) is very simple:  How long do you have to work to earn enough money […]

Microsoft Kool Aid

As a technical consultant, I get to work with lots of nerds. One of my favorite nerds is Vlad Mazek. Some time ago he started using the phrase “drinking the Microsoft Kool Aid.” Whenever he talks to someone from Microsoft he asks them what flavor of Kool Aid they prefer. We have adopted a similar […]