First, Second, Third Meditation

I’m a huge believer in “quiet time.” That is, sitting in a chair and taking in the universe without contributing my two cents. It can be hard to get started with meditation, so let me recommend three easy “starter” meditation ideas. I call it Shut Up, Relax, and Pay Attention. 1. Shut Up This is […]

Meditating: Get Started – Part 1

I have recently talked to several people who are trying to figure out how to get started with “quiet time” or meditation. So I thought I’d give you my recommendations. There are no hard, fast rules here, so relax and enjoy. I plan to have several posts on this. So go slow and check back […]

The Trap of Over-Working

One of the most obvious examples of “workaholism” is simply over-working. Over-working means that you continue working after you are no longer productive. You might do this out of guilt or frustration. You might just be completely overwhelmed. And that’s precisely why you need to force yourself to stop working and recharge your batteries. Here’s […]

New 5-Week Course: Relax Focus Succeed®

Relax Focus Succeed® Balance Your Personal and Professional Lives and Be More Successful in Both Five Mondays – July 28 – Aug. 25, 2014 Registration includes a copy of the book Relax Focus Succeed® by Karl W. Palachuk. Save $50 right now with code RFSClass Register now: Only $199 – $50 with code RFSClass to bring this price to […]

Revised Edition of Relax Focus Succeed – Now Available

The Revised Edition of Relax Focus Succeed is now available to purchase in both paperback and as an e-book. Very soon we’ll have the audio version as well as Kindle and other e-reader formats.   Also check out the free 60 minute recorded seminar I posted on The Book page.   Focus on the positive, make […]

Put More Balance in Your Balance!

I’m a big advocate of balance. In work and play and everything else. Ironically enough, you have to WORK at balance: It simply won’t happen by itself. Part of balance means saying no. Make that “NO!” Business owners tend to be doers and joiners. When someone drops a request on our laps, we tend to […]

Too Excited to Make Good Decisions

Last week I had a chat with my girlfriend Ronda about some changes to my business. Like many of us, Ronda leads a busy life and can get caught up in the daily buzz, buzz, buzz. But in this instance, she showed me two very important lessons about important decisions. I have a tendency to […]

Inspiration Walk

Where do you get inspiration? I’m a big believer that you find inspiration anywhere you happen to be looking when you start looking for inspiration. You just need one little element: quiet time. That is, time all by you and yourself. No CDs, no headphones, no radio, no nothing. Just you. Here’s an example. Not […]

Worry Brings Benefits

Do You Worry Enough? Part 3 This is the third and final installment of the series that started here with “Do You Worry Enough? Worry brings benefits.  That sounds odd to us.  Let me rephrase it:  Spending time thinking about problems brings good things into our lives. There are two types of “focusing” on problems.  […]

Multiple Life Lines

One of the things you have to remember about work is that it is NOT your life. It can be an important part of your life. It can be extremely fulfilling. When there’s stress at home, going to work can be a relief. And when there’s stress at work, going home can be a relief. […]