The First Habit of Success

Goal-Setting Part 2 I talked Last Time about developing a goal-setting strategy that you can maintain for the rest of your life. Before you can do anything else on the path to success, you need to develop a habit of daily quiet time. It is literally the the first habit of success. It is first […]

Goal-Setting Is A Lot Like Dieting

Goal-Setting for the New Year One of the (many) reasons Americans are overweight is that we “diet.” Diet was not intended to be a verb. It used to be a noun. One has a diet. One’s diet consists of moderate amounts of . . . something. But now it’s a verb. When we say we […]

Retreat Report

I mentioned my annual retreat in my newsletter. Got several emails asking more about my annual retreat. So here’s the goods. First, read this article: Introduction to Retreats = —– My annual retreat takes place at the local Passionist Retreat Center near Sacramento, CA. We gather on Friday, catch up with people we haven’t […]

Siesta, Retirement, and Work

And old tale. An American was visiting a small village in Mexico. He came across a young man sitting in a chair on the sidewalk while children played all around him. The American was put off by this laziness. So he talked to the man. “Why aren’t you working?” asked the American. “I have already […]