Understand The Road You’re On

I loved my father. And one of the things I loved the most was his sense of humor. One time we were driving across country from our old home in North Dakota to our new home in Washington State. Alongside the freeway were telephone poles. Mile after mile. Hundreds of miles after hundreds of miles. […]


I received this in a recent email from Brian Tracy: Calvin Coolidge, a president who was so reluctant to speak in public that he was given the nickname of “Silent Cal,” will go down in history for his simple but memorable words on success. He wrote, “Press on. Nothing in the world can take the […]

Set Yourself Up For Feedback Success

Set Yourself Up For Success When It Comes to Feedback   Feedback without A Clear Personal Mission is Just Criticism   by Karl W. Palachuk I’m not sure how “accepting feedback from others” became a trait that our society values and encourages. Most of us have some very negative feelings around feedback. Even when we […]

First is First and Second is Nothing

There’s an old movie most people have never heard of called The Big Combo. In this movie, “Mr. Brown” is a big hoodlum. His motto is “First is first and second is nothing.” Mr. Brown expresses that motto again and again and again. Until the time he’s shot dead. Sometimes, our culture beats into us […]

A Busy Mind is not a Disorder

Let me be very clear here: I’m not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV. I don’t hand out medical advice. I just find myself thinking about the world around me and I can’t help “thinking outloud” on the web. I’ve heard the term “ADHD” — Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder — but I’m not […]

Roles and Activities

Translating your personal mission into your daily life. In earlier posts (December, January), we discussed values and principles. They are literally the foundation for your goals. From this base we built a vision or mission statement. Here’s the hierarchy: The obvious next question is, How do you translate your personal mission into your daily life? […]

You WANT This Lifestyle?

Have you heard the term “lifestyle business?” I’ve heard this used a lot in the last few months. At a conference, someone will ask how many have 2-10 employees, 11-20, 20 or more. Then, invariably, the speaker will say “Oh, how many have a lifestyle business? Nothing wrong with that.” A lifestyle business is one […]

Ghettos of the Internet

One of the newsletters I subscribe to is Perry Marshall’s (www.perrymarshall.com). His specialty is Google AdWords, Guerilla Marketing, and other misc. marketing techniques. Recently, he told the story of an email he recieved. A man wrote to him and said, basically, “I need to make $5,000 real fast.” He promised to buy a $50 book […]

Personal Mission Statement

Goal-Setting Part 4 The first three posts in this series are – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 Now we begin the actual Goal-Setting Process. Once you have a set of Values or Principles, you get to work on the single most important sentence you’ll ever write: Your personal mission statement. Once again, […]

Defining Personal Values

Goal-Setting Part 3 In Part 1 we talked about how goal-setting must be practiced regularly and forever. It is not a one-time task or a short-term project. In Part 2 we introduced Quiet Time — The First Habit of Success. Now we begin the actual Goal-Setting Process. And, roughly speaking, this is the process: 1) […]