Choosing Pain

Here’s a question you don’t get very often: How do you define pain? Consider what each of the following mean to you: – Suffering – Grief – Anxiety – Pain – Depression – Anguish – Affliction – Fear – Despair – Stress Now think about how you might modify each of these – Minor – […]

Ghettos of the Internet

One of the newsletters I subscribe to is Perry Marshall’s ( His specialty is Google AdWords, Guerilla Marketing, and other misc. marketing techniques. Recently, he told the story of an email he recieved. A man wrote to him and said, basically, “I need to make $5,000 real fast.” He promised to buy a $50 book […]

Tuesday Calendar: Poke Needle into Stomach

I’ve never liked needles. I’m of an age where we used to get shots at school. They lined us all up in the multi-purpose room for measles, mumps, and rubella. Anticipating my turn behind the curtain was dreadful. You know the old saying that God never gives you a challenge you can’t handle? Well, sometimes […]