I Broke My Addiction

Phones haven’t been phones for awhile now. Those who use their phones to make phone calls are “quaint” to the technorati that use their phones for buzzing around the world, twittering, Facebooking, searching, browsing, yelping, 4squaring, texting, and . . . well . . . everything but making phone calls. I used to have a […]

Too Excited to Make Good Decisions

Last week I had a chat with my girlfriend Ronda about some changes to my business. Like many of us, Ronda leads a busy life and can get caught up in the daily buzz, buzz, buzz. But in this instance, she showed me two very important lessons about important decisions. I have a tendency to […]

Relax . . . I Am Already!

Focus will allow you to accomplish amazing things in a short amount of time. But you also need the relaxation component to make that work.

Game Theory

In college-level psychology courses, one of the fun things you get to do is train mice. In addition to being easy, training mice helps you learn a lot about behavior generally and rewards and punishments specifically. Someone should write a book on training mice for kids. It’s simple. An 8 year old that can learn […]


I received this in a recent email from Brian Tracy: Calvin Coolidge, a president who was so reluctant to speak in public that he was given the nickname of “Silent Cal,” will go down in history for his simple but memorable words on success. He wrote, “Press on. Nothing in the world can take the […]

Another Book Credit — Workaholism

I agreed to contribute an article to a work on Workaholism some time back. And then I forgot about it. Well, yesterday I had the pleasant surprise of receiving a copy of the final printed book, Workaholism Perspectives and Experiences from Icfai University Press. The book is about 190 pages and filled with great essays […]

Promotion Monkey Goes Live

It’s finally here.The Promotion Monkey newsletter — Monkey Business — is finally here. Please sign up today. Signing Bonus When you sign up today, you will receive our super-bonus inaugural mailing. This includes A 12-page Promotion Monkey Newsletter A 60-minute audio CD on creating spinoff products and marketing them on the Internet Printed PowerPoint slides […]

First is First and Second is Nothing

There’s an old movie most people have never heard of called The Big Combo. In this movie, “Mr. Brown” is a big hoodlum. His motto is “First is first and second is nothing.” Mr. Brown expresses that motto again and again and again. Until the time he’s shot dead. Sometimes, our culture beats into us […]

A Monkey is Born

After lo these many days . . . the Monkey stirs. I am proud to announce that Promotion Monkey memberships will be available September 1st, 2008. This is not a technology-focused adventure. If you promote anything on the Internet, then you should give the Promotion Monkey a whirl. Please check it out at PromotionMonkey.com Thank […]