Making Lemonade is a Lifestyle Choice

“Stuff” happens in life. You can make yourself miserable and dive into the well of dispair, or you can pick up the lemons and start making lemonade.

First is First and Second is Nothing

There’s an old movie most people have never heard of called The Big Combo. In this movie, “Mr. Brown” is a big hoodlum. His motto is “First is first and second is nothing.” Mr. Brown expresses that motto again and again and again. Until the time he’s shot dead. Sometimes, our culture beats into us […]

Roles and Activities

Translating your personal mission into your daily life. In earlier posts (December, January), we discussed values and principles. They are literally the foundation for your goals. From this base we built a vision or mission statement. Here’s the hierarchy: The obvious next question is, How do you translate your personal mission into your daily life? […]

Silas Marner in the Workplace

If you haven’t read the book Silas Marner by George Eliot, check it out. It’s a good Summer read. The title character is well known for sitting alone in his house, with the windows shuttered, and counting his gold. Night after night Silas Marner counted his gold. When we read that part of the book, […]

Defining Personal Values

Goal-Setting Part 3 In Part 1 we talked about how goal-setting must be practiced regularly and forever. It is not a one-time task or a short-term project. In Part 2 we introduced Quiet Time — The First Habit of Success. Now we begin the actual Goal-Setting Process. And, roughly speaking, this is the process: 1) […]

Class of 1982

I have been just returned from my 25th class reunion at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. What a blast! Three lasting images came home with me. First, my very good friend Mary S. confided in me a secret she’s kept for 29 years. As high school students back in the dark ages, Mary and John […]

There Is A Right Way

Some people are reluctant to take a stand and say (publicly) “I’m right and you’re wrong.” I don’t know if it’s political correctness or what. Somehow in our modern lives we’re led to believe that everyone’s opinion is just as good as everyone else’s. I think that’s pretty boring — and wrong. Fundamentally, there are […]