Happy Leap Year: Looking Forward and Backward

People are interesting creatures. We create an artificial thing called time, divide it into little increments, and then assign meaning to those increments. Today is Leap Year Day. We won’t get to experience February 29th for another four years. In my book, Relax Focus Succeed, I discuss the topic of looking forward and backward. There, […]

Don’t Plant the Tree You See

Awhile back I wandered into a restaurant that was refurbishing their side patio dining area. They were planting a number of palm trees. They had obviously put a lot of money into this project, including the purchase of a dozen good-size palm trees. It really struck me as odd, however, that they planted the trees […]

How Much of Life is About Control?

I love this passage from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert: “We gallop through our lives like circus performers balancing on two speeding side-by-side horses — one foot is on the horse called ‘fate,’ the other on the horse called ‘free will.’ And the question you have to ask every day is — which horse […]

Worry Brings Benefits

Do You Worry Enough? Part 3 This is the third and final installment of the series that started here with “Do You Worry Enough? Worry brings benefits.  That sounds odd to us.  Let me rephrase it:  Spending time thinking about problems brings good things into our lives. There are two types of “focusing” on problems.  […]

Do You Worry Enough?

Just as There’s Good Stress, So There’s Good Worry There’s a lot of “universal” advice out there. The always-present everyone says don’t smoke, exercise more, eat your fruits and vegetables. One piece of universal advice is to stop worrying, or at least reduce the level of worry in your life. After all, we have plenty […]

Living on the Edge of Incompetence

How do you feel about being incompetent? Honestly: Is it good to be incompetent? I say yes! I was reading a book recently and one section was about how no one wants to be seen as incompetent. One character in the book was having a crisis of incompetence. That got me thinking about the times […]

Are You Living on THAT? – and Other Misconceptions

Reality is an interesting concept. Sometimes I think I’m the master at being mis-understood. Why? Because I work a lot with people who aren’t like myself. They interpret the world differently than I do. Reality has three components: – Events, actions, or statements – Context (other things going on more or less at the same […]

Make Your Year-End Goal Setting Meaningful

Tis the season for people to start putting together their “to do” lists for next year.

Goals are great. Goals are necessary. But real, meaningful goals have to be coupled with action plans. Think about it this way: When I ask an audience of any size whether they want to be millionaires, virtually everyone raises their hand. Then when I ask how many have a plan to get to that status, I might get one or two hands.

Meditation~ A Start

This meditation is a little different.  I am proposing a structure to get you started, but you should do what makes the most sense for you.  Take 15 minutes and practice praying. A timer may be useful.  Some kitchen timers have a single beep every five minutes.  That would be great for this exercise.  Each […]