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The Three Focal Points of Success

It can be overwhelming to start any new adventure. We’re full of energy and enthusiasm. But when we start to move on our ideas we realize that we’re not sure what to do first.

Dream Elaborately

You’ve certainly heard the advice that you should “Dream Big.” True enough, but you should also dream elaborately. In fact, you should daydream elaborately.

The Myth of Multi-Tasking

One of the big buzz words of the last ten years is “Multi-Tasking.” I’m sure you’ve heard people say they’re multi-tasking. Or perhaps you’ve prided yourself on being a multi-tasker.

An Introduction to Prayer and Meditation

There are many forms of relaxation and focus. When we say “meditation” people in the United States do not necessarily associate the word with religion. But when we use the word prayer, we do associate it with religion. And yet prayer and medication are very closely linked.

Introduction to Retreats

In the Monty Python movie The Holy Grail, King Arthur’s men do not use the terms “charge” and “retreat.” Instead they use “charge” and “Run away! Run away!” So, when I tell my wife I’m going on my annual retreat, she always says “Run away! Run away!”

Getting Started with Goal-Setting

The goals you set will determine the direction you head: They will determine your life. And not just this month or this year, but the rest of your life.

The Value of Losing

Our society—and as far as I know every other society—places value on winning. This is good. Or, perhaps as a human living in a society, I have no option but to believe that this is good.

Don’t Let God Make You Lazy

A great deal of what we need is simply a matter of taking a little time every day to think. We need to think about our lives. Do we have a plan? (Yes it will change, but any plan is better than no plan.) You can begin today.

Notes for Small Business: 10 Tips for Getting the Job Done

If you run a small business, you face many challenges. Taxes alone will keep you employed full time! When I hired my first employee I made up a “tax calendar” for myself so I wouldn’t miss any filings for federal withholding, unemployment insurance, quarterly state and federal forms, etc. Between state and federal, employer and regular income taxes, deposits, tax returns, and sales tax, I had 49 filings or payments due in one year!