Your Wall of Inspiration

Stop and look around. What does your workspace say about you? Is it a Wall of Inspiration or a Wall of Desperation?

Managing A Business Like a Person

I am not my business. No one person is my little business. My business consists of many people working together to accomplish individual goals, and together we accomplish great things. Many of these people don’t even work directly for my company!

When Life is Perfect, Take a Snapshot

. . . And despite how the world appears on television, it is positive, optimistic people who create the greatest, most lasting achievements. Be one of those people.

Some Thoughts on Excellent Service

One of the greatest phrases I’ve ever heard on customer service came from Pacific Bell (Pac Bell) Telephone. For a few years they answered the phone with the line: “How may I provide you with excellent service today?”

How Do You Spend Your Time?

Not so long ago my family sat down to dinner and the standard question went around: “So, how was your day?” I said that my day was busy but not productive. My daughter asked how that could be, since I’d spent so much time in my office.

Don’t Stop at The Point of Apparent Success

Did you ever prepare for something really big, and when the day came all you could think about was the next project? This is actually a very common response. It is particularly true if you are very well prepared. You’ve done the work. You’ve gone through a period of “eating, sleeping, and breathing” the project. Now all you need to do is the execution. And you’re ready to say “Okay. What’s next?”

Are You Too Busy to Be Successful?

Have you noticed that really successful people seem less busy than other people–until you sit down and talk to them? Successful people are busy. Really successful people have more of an air of quiet accomplishment.

Parables for Business Success: The Unforgiving Servant

From time to time someone comes up with a new “business parable.” Perhaps the most successful example in recent history is Who Moved My Cheese?, a tale of dealing with change. In fact, an search of “business parable” results in more than a dozen current books. Each of them will lead you to additional options.