Microsoft Kool Aid

As a technical consultant, I get to work with lots of nerds. One of my favorite nerds is Vlad Mazek. Some time ago he started using the phrase “drinking the Microsoft Kool Aid.” Whenever he talks to someone from Microsoft he asks them what flavor of Kool Aid they prefer. We have adopted a similar […]

Relax Focus Succeed (R) Book Released

May 2007, New York: Relax Focus Succeed® — The Book — was officially released May 3rd. In addition to a three-hour seminar, we had a great reception and party.  A good time was had by all.  After the book launch, I attended SMB Nation East, which is a wonderful two-day technology seminar at the headquarters […]

Welcome to RFS Blog!

Welcome to the big blog! Relax Focus Succeed® has been a newsletter for many years. With the publication of the book in May 2007, we are also adding a blog. Here you’ll find: Articles from the newsletter Notes on the book Notes on Karl’s travel Commentaries And other fun stuff we come up with!  Stay […]


Pith. n. The essential part; gist. Pithy. adj. Terse and full of meaning.

Escaping the Workaholic Environment

Have you ever heard the statement that “Americans are lazy”? That statement is patently absurd. Americans work their tales off. We work long hours. Sometimes two jobs. We hustle and bustle and squeeze in work during lunch.

Book Review: The Relaxation Response

The Relaxation Response was originally released thirty years ago. It was written in 1975. When it was new, the concepts of mind over body and increasing health by reducing stress were very fresh.

The Balance Funnel

You’ve probably heard of the “Sales Funnel.” The concept of a sales funnel is very straight forward. You need to do a certain amount of marketing to get the attention of a large number of “suspects.” Some percentage of these will become prospects.

No Whining, Please

Did you ever say something you regretted? I mean regretted immediately. Before the sound waves actually reached the other person’s ear, you were wishing you hadn’t said that.

Your Wall of Inspiration

Stop and look around. What does your workspace say about you? Is it a Wall of Inspiration or a Wall of Desperation?

Managing A Business Like a Person

I am not my business. No one person is my little business. My business consists of many people working together to accomplish individual goals, and together we accomplish great things. Many of these people don’t even work directly for my company!