Assigning Priorities

If the problem is that we don’t have a system to assign priorities to tasks, you might think the answer is to develop such a system. Unfortunately, that’s not the answer. Simply imposing a system of priorities might do some good, especially if you can get others to go along.

Overcoming Workaholism

Have you ever heard the statement that “Americans are lazy”? That statement is patently absurd. Americans work their tales off. We work long hours. Sometimes two jobs. We hustle and bustle and squeeze in work during lunch.

We Are All Many People (Me2)

I recall fondly being a bare-foot boy spending summers at the park with my brothers. For a time, I was a college student immersed in intellectual endeavors. I had a brief stint as a married man focused so intently on my new bride that I didn’t see she was leaving me.

Permanence and Impermanence in the Workplace

Change is one of the most trying things we deal with at work and in our personal lives. Both the presence of change and the absence of change are causes for vexation. In fact, “change” may be the greatest source of human problems.

Relaxation Breathing

But there is a difference between pain and suffering. Pain tells us information we need to know. We often change our behavior to reduce pain. We adjust our exercise routine, or how we lift something, or the way we work. This is good.

Judging Others

Becoming less judgmental will give you a greater sense of calmness in your daily activity. It will free up your time and your energy.

Dealing with Crises

Is everything a crisis? Make a list of your current “crises” at work. Who put these on your agenda and who decided they were crises?

A Tale of Perseverance

Once upon a time there was a beetle who lived near the Pacific Ocean with his family. One day he took a nap on a leaf high in a tree. The wind began to blow and the tree shook. When the beetle awoke, the tree was swinging wildly. All at once, the leaf broke off from the tree and the beetle hung on for dear life as the leaf carried him up and up and far away.