Recommended Books

Habits of the Mind
by Archibald Hart

Why Not? How to Use Everyday Ingenuity to Solve Problems Big and Small
by Barry J. Nalebuff, Ian Ayres

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude
by W. Clement Stone

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Balance is the key to personal and professional success.


Knowing your goals and the path to achieve them is essential.


Being successful takes practice and dedication.



Pith. n. The essential part; gist. Pithy. adj. Terse and full of meaning.

"If you have poor habits, your have poor success. If you have good habits, you have good success."

-- Karl W. Palachuk

"Habit is either the best of servants or the worst of masters."

-- Nathaniel Emmons

"Fatigue is no more praiseworthy than drunkenness; both are evidence of bad habits."

-- LG. Freeman

"Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits."

-- Mark Twain





"It takes relaxation--and focus--to create and understand the balance in our lives."

-- Karl W. Palachuk



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What Readers Say . . .



Relax, Focus, Succeed was written for me… well… for anyone “like” me who’s ever had more to do or fires to put out than hands to pull out your own hair with. And since we’ve all been there at some point; this book will speak to you. Karl’s book reveals an escape from the ‘powering thorough’ that we do every day to get through a multitude of life without ever really ‘living’.


Relax, Focus, Succeed takes the reader down to the core of what makes us who we are and walks us through figuring out what we really want in life, how to maintain our center and create a well-balanced, happy, successful life. Karl is motivational and inspiring.

Hannah Welch
Marysville, CA
- - - - -


I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Karl Palachuk and found myself taking notes. His philosophy is that we need to slow down, take care of ourselves, and reprioritize our lives. I am guilty of being a workaholic and never feel like I'm accomplishing as much in a day as I should. But this is the first time I have ever given myself permission to take care of myself first--not to mention to enjoy my family and friends more.


And Karl was right, the work isn't going anywhere and the world won't stop spinning if I let it sit for awhile. This book is a true inspiration! I now schedule workouts into my schedule every day--something I never considered before. But I realized that I will be more productive in the long run if I'm taking care of myself. This is GREAT STUFF!

Stephanie Chandler
Sacramento, CA
- - - - -


Karl has outdone himself in this book. I started reading this at a stop light and had to pull over and finish two chapters before halting my day and going home to finish the book. There are many practical and meaningful applications that are just helpful. I was pushing the limits of bad health and very bad overwork habits. This book has helped me tremendously. This book ranks with the quality of the E-myth.


You will pick this book up and have a hard time putting it down!

B. Vincent "Ben"
Auburn Hills, MI
- - - - -



RFS™ Notes - January 2009


After a long silence, I'm going to get back to doing a regular newsletter.

One of the key things about producing a lot of "content" for free is that you have to be willing to step back from it and recalculate value from time to time.

I have a passion for the Relax Focus Succeed philosophy. But of all my adventures as the owner of serveral companies, RFS is the one that stands out for being a zero profit operation. For whatever reason, people want to read this stuff, but they won't spend a nickel.

So, to be honest, I decided in 2008 that RFS would be the first place I cut back when I got busy.

I'm not saying that I'm not busy now, but I'm going to give it another try.

As always, I appreciate and welcome your feedback.

Thanks for reading.


Take Care.


I welcome your feedback. Thank you, as always.

-- Karl P.

New Year: A Great Time To Examine Habits

by Karl W. Palachuk

Are You A Bad Habit-Aholic?

I had an interesting chat with someone the other day. At his job "everyone" talks about the way things should be done in their profession -- but no one does them the way they should be done.

I asked my friend if he used so-called best practices at work. He said no, there is no motivation to do so. Everyone is sloppy, there's no sense of team, and there are no benefits to doing things the right way. So everyone just does whatever they want.

Now, I have to say that I don't blame the workers in this environment. It's not their job to build a team, set standards, and make sure people are towing the company line. It's the owner's and manager's job to do that.

I also know, after decades in the workforce, that there are people who always give 100% and there are people who will always skate by with the minimum. Those skating by on the minimum will skate through life until they die.

They don't want to be excellent -- they just want to be left alone.

Now, I'm not saying this is a permanent situation. And I'm certainly not saying that everyone is like this.

But we get into habits. We like habits. People thrive on the "known" versus the unknown. That's why change is scary. In addition to being different, it is unknown.

We all know people who have stayed in a bad situation (bad job, bad relationship, bad school, etc.) because they disklike change more than they dislike the situation. You've heard the saying, "Better the devil you know than the one you don't." That saying is almost never true, but it speaks to the emotions in the human heart.

In many situations, change is hard.

In the big picture, our sucess is more heavily affected by our behavior than anything else. Of course there are circumstances, the economy, our job, our relationships, and all kinds of other factors. But our behavior -- our habits -- affect how we respond to all those things, and manipulate them for our own benefit.

If you have poor habits, your have poor success. If you have good habits, you have good success.

Habits are like water rolling over the landscape of our lives. The most consistent habits will dig deep trenches. Sometimes, they will dig canyons we can't climb out of.

It's extemely important, therefore, that you take charge of these habits. After all, you get to decide which habits to continue, and which you will change.


Make good habits
and they will make you.


-- Parks Cousins


Bad habits can become addicting. As with over-eating or over-drinking, your habits can become bad for you when they keep you off the path of success.

The beginning of the year is a great time to take stock. How do you spend you time? What's your attitude like? When you list the things you should be doing, how many are you actually doing?

Are you working to improve yourself, or just begging to be left alone?

In your personal life and your business life, take stock of your habits. Look at what you do every day, every week, and every month. Are you addicted to bad habits?

If so, get un-addicted. Kick the habit of indulging your bad habits.

This takes dedication, constant attention, and work. You have to stop yourself. No one else is going to be responsible for the attitude you take to work (or bring home) tomorrow. That's up to you.

No one else is going to tell you to turn off the television, pick up a book, study to improve your job, or volunteer to learn a new skill.

If you have lots of bad habits, you can address them one at a time. But also develop a general awareness of your habits. Assess whether they help you reach your goals or stand in your way.

Good luck in the new year!


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Of Interest



This is one of the best books I have ever read, I have many on business motivation as well as many for your personal life and these seem to contradict each other. Karl shows you how to create the necessary balance in your life. I did not realize how much unnecessary stress I was causing myself until Karl pointed it out, this made an immediate impact in my life in all three areas Personal, Family and Business. I highly recommend this book especially for anyone trying to run their own business.

Bret Meche

Opelousas, LA
- - - - -


The most important thing Karl's book did for me was to remind me of how important it is to relax in order to be successful. Too often we get so busy that we forget to take time to relax in order to focus our minds and thereby succeed. Karl's exercises throughout the book are very practical.

Sue Lynn Canfield
Roseville, CA
- - - - -


I love the way Karl's book makes powerful and grounded statements. He is motivational, informative and hits the nail on the head. I recommend his book highly and I recommend it to my clients who are working toward more balance and relaxation in their lives.

Jenifer Novak Landers

Folsom, CA
- - - - -


I will be rereading this book constantly until I get every habit fully ingrained in my head. I am off to buy a notebook for my "quite time".

Thank you Karl!

Brielle Beard
- - - - -

I have read, and re-read this book from cover to cover. Its a fantastic book.
This book shows you how to do as the title says Relax, Focus and Succeed.


Brilliant book . . . highly recommended.

Chris Timm
- - - - -